Special Rotor-Stator Geometry | Short Reverse Motion
The organizational structure consists of the following divisions: Adhesives & Chemicals, Food, Pharma, Components &Devices and 3D printing. [Read More]
Pharma Dispenser | Special Rotor Stator Geometry
The compact Pharma Dispenser series achieves a precise and reliable dosing of a wide variety of materials. [Read More]
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Propellant Filling Stations | Centomat Rotary Stations
Centomat rotary stations fill and seal propellants in aerosol containers at high pressures precisely in one cycle. It can fill up to 600 units per minute. [Read More]
Automatic Filling & Closing Machine | Aerosol Filling Machine
Our automatic Filling & Closing Machine is used for filling aerosols into high pressure containers. [Read More]
Precise Measuring Instruments | Measuring Devices
Precise measuring instruments like test glass in the processing of aerosols. These measuring devices aide in quality control of containers used to fill aerosols. [Read More]
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Automatic Indexing Machines | Macromat Aerosol Filling Line
For filling and sealing medicines into vials, cartridges, and other containers Automatic indexing machines are used. [Read More]
Automatic Rotary Machines | Centomat Rotary Machines
Our line of high-speed automatic & centomat rotary machines offers excellent production efficiency for bulk product manufacturing. [Read More]
Automatic Rotary Machines | Measuring Devices
Efficient automatic rotary machines have a modular construction and are extremely powerful thanks to advanced technology. [Read More]
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Automatic Rotary Machines | Automatic Indexing Machines
Automatic rotary machines are powerful machines for large product series, the Centomat rotary indexing stations are the right solution. [Read More]
Sugar Spheres SANAQ | Pharmaceutical Sugar Spheres
We manufacture pharmaceutical sugar spheres - neutral pellets made of maize starch and sucrose. Sugar spheres SANAQ are excipients for loading API. [Read More]